My day the healthy way, with 3i Fulvic support by Andi Lew

Andi Lew with 3i Fulvic

My day the healthy way, with 3i Fulvic support 

By Andi Lew, certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, best selling author and podcast host of ‘Well to Do’.


In my three decades of teaching and living wellness practices, I am dedicated to practicing what I preach, and it works.

People often say I look 15 years younger. I’m 50 I’m July. I’m committed to researching the best wellness brands. I Incorporate them into my own life and love sharing with you!

So here’s a snapshot of a typical day and how are you can also implement my ‘wellness ways’.

You might be suffering from brain fog and lethargy or constantly getting unwell with feelings of low immunity. I know that I have suffered confusion, cloudy thinking and brain fog as a result of breast implant illness recently. That’s why I am dedicated to quality nutrition as a detox protocol post explant operation.

3i Fulvic may also help you! 

If you feel like you’re already living a healthy lifestyle, then this may be the missing piece to your puzzle. 

Nonetheless, let’s set up these simple steps for you the way I do, so that you are living a better quality of life and creating optimal function.

  • Go to sleep and wake up in synchronicity with the lunar cycle. This is fantastic for your circadian rhythms, and therefore your hormones will be more balanced.
  •  Keep your technology ‘off’, at the wall and don’t look at any screens for two hours before bedtime to allow optimal, melatonin production.
  •  Another way to facilitate melatonin production is to have a warm shower before bed because warming your inner core temperature will help to relax you just like bathing a baby before bed.
  •  When you wake, do not reach for the phone as the first thing you do, but rather open the windows to allow that natural sunlight to facilitate a healthy stress hormone release that makes you want to move in bound out of bed. Then do some gentle stretches, like a cat stretch or tucking your knees into the chest for the lower back. Movement is key! 
  •  Drinking two glasses of room temperature water that is filtered is a recipe for success and add your 10 drops of 3i Fulvic. The beauty of this product is that it’s actually tasteless and even though it looks black, it doesn’t taste black. Hydration is everything and 3i Fulvic is brilliant on an empty stomach unlike other supplements.
  • I am half Israeli and it is very common to eat salads for breakfast, so always include vegetables and proteins with every meal and continue to hydrate. I like to use the humic and Fulvic acid as a salad dressing so a few drops with lemon juice and olive oil and quality salt sprinkled on any vegetables will be delicious.

This will give you a great start to your day as a snowball effect will allow you to continue making positive health choices. 

3i Fulvic is a quality concentrate made with alkaline water and three native species of Australian mushrooms. 

It’s always best to eat what’s in season and nourish from locally sourced farmers. That’s why being an Australian and getting my nutrition Australian made and sourced company makes sense.

The fulvic and humid acid trace mineral blend assists, so many different bodily functions. 

The Brain product, made from Lion’s Mane mushroom, is specifically designed to support cognitive function and stress and brain, fog and all of the modern day illnesses that we are currently suffering. It’s one of the best quality trace minerals in a concentrated form that you can keep on your work desk or in your handbag or glove box to make sure that, you are assisting your body to adapt to our ‘laptop lifestyles’.



You can also add 3i Fulvic Brain, to your juices and smoothies. 

 I’ve also been known to add 3i Fulvic Brain to my snacks like drizzling it on my pancakes, or in my quinoa porridge with a little bit of honey or rice, malt syrup, if you would like to have a low GI alternative sweetener.

You only need to add it to one meal or one drink a day, so hopefully some of these have provided you with inspiration on how to work Wellness into your lifestyle.

Remember to stay active because movement runs the brain and being sedentary is the new epidemic. 

If you do have a desk job, get up and move for five minutes every hour.

Lastly, my biggest, kept health secret is having regular chiropractic care to take pressure off the nervous system, because taking pressure off your nervous system, allowed clear, communication from brain to body, and then that intern allows for better nutritional, assimilation and absorption.

It’s easier to ‘stay well’ than to ‘get well’, so being proactive is my biggest wellness tip.

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